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“Good architecture must be conceived, erected, and burned in vain. The greatest architecture of all is the fireworks: it perfectly shows the gratuitous consumption of pleasure.”

olafur eliason / the weather project

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sunday / artificial vs. fake

Man's ambitions to create natural elements is a never-ending dream, to create nature that is not fake but rather real in an artificial way. Can we clone the natural phenomenon?

sunday / splitting structure

aet, elias, roland

sunday / volume in shadow


Can we produce a three dimensional cloud, a volume, with shadow? 
By using very transparant plastic, we create a shadow that is more than the black outline of a shape. The plastic pillow, filled with air, is manipulated by heating some points of either side of the pillow and sticking them together. This way, lighter and darker shades of shadow are formed and a depth is created. As the object is transparent, the emphasis is on the shadow it produces, more than on the object itself.

sunday / blur

 rafael, anuk, maja, lotta


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take off


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